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Standby, Getting in Early

More often than not, one or more of our prepaid students will not show up on the first day for the classroom portion of the Basic Rider Course.

MSCV has a “stand-by” policy at each of it’s training locations.
If you would like to try to get in a class that is full, you can arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start of that class.

Contact the instructor in the classroom and place your name in the lottery.

You sign up in the classroom by showing up in person.

After the scheduled start of class, the instructor will conduct a drawing of all standby’s present. Names will be drawn and the person(s) name selected gets the first “No-show” opening, next name selected gets the second “No-show” opening, etc.

After the scheduled classroom start time, any registered student who is not in their seat, loses that seat with no refund given. The stand-by students are then asked to fill out the class paperwork, pay their tuition fee in cash or money order and they are officially enrolled in the class. (Please look at the web site for current pricing to determine tuition fees for each class.
Stand-by students being accepted in the class must pay their tuition with cash or money order made out to MSCV, INC.
No checks or credit cards can be accepted at our satellite Training Centers  .

Sometimes a student has a class in the future and wants to take a class earlier;
If you have pre-purchased a seat in a MSCV safety class, show up as a standby and accept a seat as a standby, you may not receive a refund on your pre-purchased seat and you will be asked to pay full price for the standby position. You will end up paying twice the cost of the course with no refunded portion available.

Please do not show up and ask for a standby position if you have already purchased a seat for another class unless prior approval from MSCV. Thank you.