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Armistead Ransone

Name: Armistead Ransone

RiderCoach Since: 2009


Currently reside in King and Queen County

Retired from the Commonwealth of Virginia

Worked 32 years for the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services – 26 years as Budget Director

Worked 3 years as Director of Finance and Administration for the Virginia Department of Veterans Services

Current Employment 

Budget development and financial management assistance to various State agencies when requested

Repair and refinish furniture when people can afford the prices I charge or the sentimental value is so great that it does not matter what it costs. I also do chair caning, rush bottoms and most other types of seat weaving (35 plus years of experience).

And occasionally, I do commercial truck driving in either the petroleum or seafood industries (for friends who are entrepreneurs). I do it for the exercise, education, and amusement and not for the pay.



My number one hobby is currently motorcycling. I did a little motorcycling in the early 70’s but have had a current valid license since 1998. I average around 12,000 miles per year (all pleasure). I like long weekend rides and long cross country two/three week rides and only use an interstate to get around a city. Back roads are where you find the beauty and the best food; however, the best motels are normally close to a city or an interstate. In addition to the mountains of western Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina my favorite state to ride in is Utah and believe it or not, my next favorite state would probably be New York. When you exclude NYC, it has beautiful lakes, mountains and plenty of other good scenery.


I play a little tennis and like the beaches and hiking. And if I have a choice of watching MotoGP motorcycling racing or NASCAR racing, I currently chose MotoGP


U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran (non combat 1966-1967)