MSCV  est. July 1, 2003
A Motorcycle Licensing Training Center, Administering The DMV Virginia Rider Training Program
Serving Ashland-Broadway-Chester-Hampton Roads-Richmond

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– You do not need a Learner’s Permit to participate in the Program
– 2 & 3 wheel Motorcycles and Helmets are provided
– M2 is for a 2 wheel license & M3 is for a 3 wheel license (2 different Courses)
– M2 or M3 License issued on site upon successful completion of M2 or M3 Course
– M2 Licensing courses are 15+ hours & M3 Licensing courses are 17+ hours
– M2 & M3 Licensing courses are conducted over 2 or 3 days
– M2 Licensing courses are $165 & M3 Licensing courses are $185
– Weekday & weekend courses are available – Registration is online 24/7
– Open year “round” weather providing

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